A visit from the Doctor

The senior room were fortunate to have a visit from Dr. Richard Millwood. Dr. Millwood has been working in the area of Computer Science since the 1970’s and is a Trinity College Dublin alumni. During the visit the students were tasked with building a Dance Mat using Makey Makeys and the Scratch programming tool. The students were also tasked with creating a Rock, Scissors, Paper game using a microbit.

Using the Makey Makey the students had to create a short programme using Scratch which would enable a musical note to be played upon a student touching a piece of paper. The pieces of paper were attached to alligator clips which in turn were plugged in to a laptop. Each time a student placed their foot onto a piece of paper the computer programme would play a note.

Using a Microbit and makecode.org the students had to create a short programme which would enable a wearable device to display either a rock, paper or scissors, when shaken. The students had to write a short piece of code, download it to the Microbit and then attach the Microbit to their arms. After shaking their wrist the led display on the Microbit would demonstrate a variable of either a rock, paper or scissors.

The school would like to extend its thanks to Dr. Richard Millwood for visiting our class and engaging the students in 21st century learning. We look forward to seeing you again in the near future!