Google Class

Our students have recently begun using Google Class as part of their learning. Using Google Class provides students with full access to G-suite apps which include, Google Docs – a word processing application, Google Slides – a presentation application, Google Sheets – a spreadsheet application and Google Forms – a data collection application.

The students have begun to type up assignments in class, design and deliver presentations based on topics they are researching and will also begin to become acquainted with the many affordances of learning to use spreadsheets.


One other interesting development is that our students now have online access to each curriculum subject, meaning they can explore the curriculum subjects in their entirety, independently of the teacher. What this means is that students will soon have the possibility to focus in on areas of the curriculum which they wish to explore more in depth, in turn developing their skills as an independent learner. It is planned that the students will be given time to explore their own interests in the curriculum during SOLE learning activities. The acronym S.O.L.E. stands for self-organised learning environments.