Literacy Liftoff


Mrs. Cawley has been very busy over the past six weeks implementing the Literacy Liftoff programme with students from 1st class and 2nd class in the Junior room.  Both Mrs. Cawley and Ms. Campbell have been facilitating students working at stations to develop their literacy skills.

This year’s stations include:

  1.  Familiar reading
  2. Unfamiliar reading
  3. Working independently
  4. Working online.

During each session of Literacy Liftoff the students work at each station for approximately 15 minutes before rotating to the next activity.  Students also bring some activities home.  At home parents and students read through some literature, ask probing questions about the text and check new vocabulary.  During these interactions what is learned in school is re-enforced at home.

A huge thanks to Mrs. Cawley for driving this initiative which we are very fortunate to have in our school.

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